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Inspection & Reports

At Hexagon Roofing, we have provided quality roofing inspections in Los Angeles for many years. Our team professionally and keenly identifies issues with your roof and makes expert recommendations on what kind of service your roof will need to keep it in good condition.


Whether you are buying or selling a home or just having routine maintenance, knowing the current condition of your roof can give you both peace of mind and save you from significant roofing problems.We have assisted hundreds of homebuyers in making a sound investment in their new homes. Also, save their money from spending on unnecessary roofing repairs and replacements.


What Our Roof Inspectors Will Cover?

Our roof inspectors will cover every aspect without leaving a single portion of your roof. An inspection from the Hexagon Roofing will determine and provide a comprehensive report on the condition of all roofing materials such as

overall roof condition 

estimating roof lifetime

existing roofing materials 

photo identification of roof deficiencies 

repairs and maintenance recommendations 

replacement suggestion 

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